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SoMA Videos

Videos from our group members.

Breakbeat Deconstruction: From hip hop to drum & bass and beyond

At the 2016 Loop summit, Dr Jason Hockman gave a fascinating talk about the evolving role of breakbeats in electronic music, from their initial usage in hip hop into a second generation appropriation in genres including jungle and drum & bass. He also presents recent ethnographic and technological research in breakbeat oriented electronic music.

SAFE Semantic Audio Plugins walk through tutorial

In this video Sean gives a brief overview of the semantic audio plugins, as well as giving you an in depth look at his inspirational mixing tecniques, he uses an SAFEdistortion to make these bass sound warm, and also loads punchy from the server to make the drums sound really punchy. The plug-ins can be downloaded here.

The song used in the video is The Alchemist by Little Tybee. All the stems and other things can be found here.