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Web Audio Evaluation Toolbox (WAET)

WAET can be configured to run many different perceptual listening tests

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Perceptual listening tests are commonplace in audio research and a vital form of evaluation. Many tools exist to run such tests, however many operate one test type and are therefore limited whilst most require proprietary software. Using Web Audio, the Web Audio Evaluation Tool (WAET) addresses these concerns by having one toolbox which can be configured to run many different tests, perform it through a web browser and without needing proprietary software or computer programming knowledge. In this paper the role of the Web Audio API in giving WAET key functionalities are shown. The paper also highlights less common features, available to web based tools, such as easy remote testing environment and in-browser analytics.

MUSHRA test on the WAET platform

APE on the WAET platform


The Web Audio Evaluation Toolbox supports building tests complying to the following known standards:


Source code and examples are available on Github.


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