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Snare Drum Data Set (SDDS)

A dataset of acoustic snare drums

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A dataset of acoustic snare drums

A comprehensive acoustic Snare Drum Data Set (SDDS) is recorded, providing extreme tonal variation of the snare drum. SDDS affords researchers a collection of recordings that mimic a wide range of real world studio practices, suitable for diverse research tasks. This is achieved by recording varied velocity snare strikes using 53 different studio microphones, 10 tonally distinct snare drums and several common dampening methods, recorded in an acoustically treated studio utilising both close and far micing positions and 3 mic preamps. The resulting data set is 2,544 WAV audio files captured from 48 performances.



M. Cheshire, "Snare Drum Data Set (SDDS): More snare drums than you can shake a stick at," Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, Engineering Brief 626, (2020 October.) (

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