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Automatic Drum Transcription Library in Python

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Automatic Drum Transcription Library (ADTLib)

The automatic drum transcription (ADT) library contains open source ADT algorithms to aid other researchers in areas of music information retrieval (MIR). The algorithms return both a .txt file of kick drum, snare drum, and hi-hat onsets and an automatically generated drum tabulature.

Required Packages:

#ย Install
pip install ADTLib

# To update the library
pip install --upgrade ADTLib


from ADTLib import ADT

# ADT on single file
out = ADT(['Drum.wav'])

# Multiple files. Save onsets (.txt) and drum tabulature (.pdf)
Onsets=ADT(['Drum.wav', 'Drum1.wav', 'Drum2.wav'])

# Multiple files. Save drum tabulature but not onset times
Onsets=ADT('~/Drum.wav', '~/Desktop/Drum1.wav', text='no', save_dir='~/Desktop')

# Save onset times and activation functions
[Onsets, ActivationFunctions] = ADT(['Drum.wav'], output_act='yes')

See the usage page for more information.

Browser Version (ADTWeb)

ADTWeb: a browser based version of ADTLib is now available.


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